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  • 23.8.2011DateFri Jan 04, 2013 5:54 am
    Topic by Area51. Forum: Satellite images

    There is construction at the N end of the base, E of the U2 runnway, which is now a taxiway. It looks like a nother hangar is being constructed there. The shape of the foundation looks similar to two hangars at Nellis AFB. The hangars at Nellis are used for Security helicopters. As the helicopter ramp of Groom Lake is just NW of the new site, (two helicopters can be seen) it is quite likely that this hangar will also be used for the security helicopters. There are also four F-16 fighting falcons seen standing on the N ramp. One of the U2 hangars (light green roofs), the one in the top left corner of the hangars, has been extended a little bit to the N, the new part is white.

    This site N of the airport has not changed, but there are new tracks in the sand, so we know something is happening there.

    This very large, white, seemingly tall house has been built completely new. It might be a hangar, but more likely is a new cantine.

    This new hangar was also built. It is located quite far away from all the other buildings, and in an angle. Nobody knows what is in there.

  • 29.6.2008 PanoramaDateFri Jan 04, 2013 5:36 am
    Topic by Area51. Forum: The area it's self

    From Tikaboo peek

    The new hangar that was built SE of the ramp, seems to be finnished. It is possible that there is a new taxiway on the left side of the hangar, which would then connect the S end of the hangar with the runnway 12/30. The wall of dirt seems to be permanent.

    4 towers, probably radars, have been added just E of the hangar 19. It looks as if the towers are in a line, but they possibly form a rectangle, which is more often used for radars. A similar radar site was added 4-5miles away from the base, up a hill.

    Nothing has changed at the new tower. What ever the tower is used for does seemingly not need any special buidings around it.
    Any ideas what the tower is used for?

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  • Panorama from 7.8.2005DateFri Jan 04, 2013 5:24 am
    Topic by Area51. Forum: The area it's self
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